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Terms and Conditions | Expressions of Interest

39th Annual Exhibition | 22 March to 24 March 2024

Click Here to download a pdf version. 

All artists are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be a part of the 2024 Fine Art at Perth College Exhibition. Please read the below conditions prior to submitting your EOI



  • EOIs must be made through the Fine Art at Perth College online form. Only submissions received through this form will be accepted.

  • EOIs will be reviewed by the Art Committee and selected artists will be invited to submit a Registration form.

  • There is no entry fee to submit an EOI or to exhibit with Fine Art at Perth College.

  • The Art Committee retains a commission of 30% on all artwork that is sold.

  • EOIs must be received by Monday 30 October 2023


Completing you Expression of Interest Online Form

  • Online Forms should be completed in full and submitted together with jpeg images of your works (please see section regarding image attachments).

  • Please include direct links to your website, Facebook or Instagram in the relevant fields.


  • Artist Statement should be written in third person and relate to your style, manner of working, subject matter or artistic background. These are required for the committee to understand your process and style when selecting artists.


Image Attachments

  • The images you submit with your EOIs should be examples of the style of work you would like to exhibit – they do not have to be the exact works.

  • The Art Committee use the attached images to select artists for a balance and engaging exhibition.

  • Images must be submitted in jpeg format and follow the below naming convention:

    • Artist Name and Surname – Artwork Title – Medium – Date – Photograph Credit.

    • The images should be linked to the correct work within the form.


 ABN or Statement by a Supplier

  • All artists are required to supply the either:

    • an ABN (Australian Business Number) nominating if they are registered for GST or not, OR

    • a Statement by a Supplier stating that you are not required to quote an ABN

The Statement by a Supplier provides a declaration that an artist does not have to quote an ABN because the activity is a private recreational pursuit or hobby. Once registrations have been received and approved a form with financial details will be sent to you to fill in and return to the Art Committee. 

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