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Terms and Conditions | Registration Entry

39th Annual Exhibition | 22 March to 24 March 2024

click HERE for a PDF version 


  • Entry to exhibit is by invitation only. An email will be sent to artists with the link for online registration completion.

  • Artists must submit a Registration Entry Form by the due date to be considered.

    • Due date is Wednesday 31 January 2024


  • There is NO entry fee for artists.

  • As a general rule, artists are not selected in two (2) consecutive years, however the Art Committee reserves the right to invite specific artists for the balance of the exhibition.

  • Exhibiting artists are entitled to one (1) FREE ticket to the Champagne Opening on 22 March 2024. Additional tickets will be available for purchase online.


  • Forms must be completed in full and submitted together with jpeg images of all work being submitted for consideration. (please see section regarding image attachments)

  • Please include where possible, direct links to your website, Facebook or Instagram in the relevant fields.

  • All artworks must be approved by the Art Committee. Any works not approved will not be accepted at delivery date.

  • All works must have been completed within the last two (2) years and must not have been previously exhibited.

  • All works must be the original work of the artist.

  • All works selected for the Fine Art at Perth College Exhibition MUST NOT be published at a different price on artist or gallery websites for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Artworks must be professionally framed with large D-Rings. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any works that are WET, POORLY FRAMED, or not completed within the time period. The Committee reserves the right to not display work which fails to meet a satisfactory standard of presentation or is deemed to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate in a school environment. 

  • The Committee endeavours to present an exhibition at which each work is shown to its full advantage and reserves the right to make all hanging decisions at its absolute discretion.

  • The total number of entries permitted per artist is:

    • Paintings or 2D artwork – five (5) works, maximum two (2) large (approx 100 x 100 cm)

    • Prints – maximum of three (2) prints from each edition

    • Ceramic, glass sculpture works – six (6) works

    • Jewellery – up to 10 pieces with a maximum of 3 versions of each edition

  • Works submitted in excess of these limits will not be considered for exhibition. Works presented should be no larger than 100cm x 100cm (including frame).  Larger pieces will only be accepted at the discretion of the Art Committee (please contact for consideration). 

Image Attachments/Marketing

  • The images you submit with your Registration should be the work you would like to exhibit 

  • The Art Committee use the attached images to select artists for a balance and engaging exhibition.

  • Images must be submitted in jpeg format and follow the below naming convention

    • Artist Name and Surname – Artwork Title – Medium – Date – Photograph Credit.

    • The images should be linked to the correct work within the form.

    • Artists exhibiting at Fine Art at Perth College consent to whole or cropped images of their art work being used for promotional purposes in print and online.

    • Artists are required to provide image files of their entries with their application form. 

    • There is no guarantee that an artist’s work will be used in the marketing and promotion for the exhibition, however Perth College will endeavour to promote a large proportion of artists wherever possible through social and print media.



  • The Committee will provide insurance cover up to the value nominated by the artist for each of the accepted works from Monday 18 March to Sunday 24 March (inclusive) while they are within the exhibition venue.

  • No insurance will be provided outside these times and the risk reverts solely to the artist.  Please note, while every effort and care is used in the handling and hanging of all artworks, the Art Committee is operated and run by volunteers.


Delivery of Artworks

  • All artists are responsible for delivery and collection of their artworks. The Art Committee do not accept responsibility for any damage caused by or to the artist, delivery person or artwork during transport to and from the exhibition venue and the artist hereby indemnifies Perth College and the Art Committee against any claims made as a result of transport or delivery of the works.

  • DELIVERY OF ARTWORK: Delivery will be confirmed upon selection for the 2024 exhibition.

  • COLLECTION OF UNSOLD ART: Artists who have 100 percent sales will be notified by telephone (as provided on the artist application form) on Sunday 24 March prior to 4.00 pm. All other artists MUST collect unsold works on Sunday 24 March, between 5.00pm and 6.00pm only. Please be aware that insurance on uncollected artwork ceases after this time.

Sale Of Work

  • All artists exhibiting at Fine Art at Perth College consent to the sale of the exhibited works for the price nominated on the entry form.

  • The Art Committee retains a commission of 30% on all artwork that is sold.

  • Payment of the balance of the sale price less the commission for sold works will be made to the bank account nominated by the artist on the entry form on or before 30 days after the close of the exhibition.


ABN or Statement by a Supplier

  • All artists are required to supply either:

    • an ABN (Australian Business Number) nominating if they are registered for GST or not, OR

    • a Statement by a Supplier stating that you are not required to quote an ABN

The Statement by a Supplier provides a declaration that an artist does not have to quote an ABN because the activity is a private recreational pursuit or hobby.

  • Once registrations have been received and approved a form with financial details will be sent to you to complete.

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