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Tammi De Rooy


To Treasure

Tammi de Rooy is a self-taught oil painter who works from her home studio in Perth. Growing up on a farm in Mukinbudin, Tammi developed a love of nature and enjoys spending as much time as she can exploring the Wheatbelt as well as other regional areas of Australia. Passionate about highlighting native flora and fauna, Tammi desires to introduce people to the abundance of remarkable species here in Australia, particularly the orchids. The images she paints are formed in her imagination and then masterfully pieced together using multiple reference images, often her own photographs taken on bush walks. Her works are intricately detailed, beautifully depicting her chosen subjects. Tammi de Rooy captures the weird and wonderful species of Australian orchids, wildflowers and wildlife in imaginative ways that invite the viewer into a surreal world where often unseen species are the heroes of the story.

acrylic and oil on canvas

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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