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Sue Codee


This Papercut Life is the design studio of artist Sue Codee specialising in the creation of contemporary papercut design, jewellery and woodcuts. Sue’s delicate paper cuts explore narrative themes of human fragility, stories of place, environment, people and community, while touching on personal and more universal themes. Sue's interest in the art of papercut emerged several years ago while in treatment for cancer and in a response to a need to create “slow art” in order to “slow life”. The handmade paper cuts require attention to detail and a steady hand that creates a meditative and focused state resulting in a strong personal connection to the work. Sue is based in the historic city of Albany on the south coast of Western Australia and completed a Fine Arts degree at Curtin University in 1988. She has received numerous awards and has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions and her work is represented in public and private collections.

Paper Wildflower

paper laser cutting and mixed media

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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