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Stacy Gardoll


Macrocarpa Magic

Stacy Gardoll Stacy’s art is all about capturing a moment between the viewer and the natural world. She creates an opportunity for us to become lost in the forms, and the intricacies of the botanical, as we can become swept up in the details, even if just for a moment. The colours are highlighted further by being set up against dark backgrounds, which gives each flower the chance to shine, without competing with its environment. Playing with scale is also a common theme, as these small-scale blossoms are presented in a magnified way, so they can be seen and enjoyed up close. Stacy paints from her home in the Perth foothills. She paints contemporary realist paintings of natural themes, predominantly botanicals and landscapes. She strives to capture the calmness and stillness of nature, as a source of reflection and meditation, and as a respite from the chaos and noise of city life. She finds endless inspiration in the natural world, and is particularly drawn to the shapes found within botanical forms.

painting oil on canvas

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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