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Sarah Abbott


Candied Kumquats

Hailing from a background in interior design, Sarah Abbott has only recently shifted focus to her professional arts practice. A move to Whadjuk Noongar Country in Western Australia in 2019 sparked her return to painting after many years of dormancy. Sarah is particularly drawn to the beauty of the native botanicals that Western Australia is famed for. These being both familiar and foreign in nature capture her imagination and have proved to be an endless source of inspiration. In that respect, Sarah’s practice is heavily connected to the area in which she lives. This connection to nature and place has been an important grounding force for the Sarah and. at the heart of all of her work is the pursuit of beauty. Light plays an incredibly important role, elevating the seemingly mundane into something breathtaking, whilst highlighting the fleeting and temporal nature of these moments of serenity. Of equal importance is colour; vivid, balanced and joyful. Whether it be through a still life or botanical piece, she aims to foster in the viewer an appreciation of these small moments- fleeting pockets of time, in which the simple joy of living has been laid bare.

acrylic on canvas

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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