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Deidre Bruhn



Deidre’s passion for art was sparked from life drawing sessions and the mark making that could be achieved. The energy and freedom created was addictive. Her art has evolved into a blend of mixed media applications which are composed of colour, line, texture, print designs and collage. The collage pieces used can be made from previous works or found images from magazines which catch her interest. Deidre derives joy from the unexpected outcomes - a totally intuitive process. Nothing is predetermined. Realism is not important but capturing the essence is. Deidre’s art is based upon emotion and feeling and she strives to have elements of both atmosphere, spontaneity and originality. Experimentation is essential along with lots of energy and passion. Deidre continually constructs and deconstructs giving each layer a new meaning and direction. All her work reflects this process and her constant desire to produce art of intriguing depth and mystery.

mixed media painting

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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