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David Green


Deeper into the Day

David Green’s artworks show a preoccupation with the landscapes he travels through. Green's paintings, as well as being about place, are also profoundly about paint. His beautifully worked surfaces show the subtlety of his paint marks as well as the timeless landscapes and the subtle shifts of light throughout the day which he says inspires his work. He has honed his skills in the use of a narrow range of colours and subject matter until he has achieved an extraordinary level of rendering alive and ethereal. His delicate brushwork, soft blending and expressive mark making bring the canvas to life. Through his manipulation of paint he creates powerful moods which convey emotions of fragility, frailty, melancholy and simultaneously majesty and grandeur; in a way which can make us feel humble, grateful and profoundly and deeply meditative. There is an underlying spirituality to Green's work which calls us to recognise the gentle and humble as well as the grand. The beautiful mists and clouds, rivers and lakes, and mountains and forests Green remembers are rendered into powerful messages about nature and all that nature represents.


Image © Courtesy of Artist

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