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Grace Hummerston

Grace Hummerston

Grace is a jewellery designer and maker from Perth, who currently has a full-time practice from her studio just out of the city. Her work predominantly consists of super bright, translucent and high key colour recycled acrylic shapes which she designs and laser cuts herself. Her pieces are created from industrial discards as she aims to divert plastic waste from entering landfill by extending the life through creative re-use practices. Grace’s work is hand etched and painted and all are one-off, unique pieces. Grace draws inspiration from 1970's and 1980's fashion, culture and design aesthetics. Fun and spontaneity are at the heart of her work with big, bold and fun shapes, pattern and bright colour – making unique statement pieces.

Clarity in White and Colour Necklace

perspex, 925 sterling silver, plastic and
acrylic paint

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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