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Isaac Huggins


Plan Ponder

Isaac Huggins’ current practice can be viewed as an ongoing exploration into the psychological impact of advertising on the human condition. Employing an energetic and multidisciplinary range of processes, Huggins articulates this impact through works reminiscent of billboards or advertising hoardings draped on multi-storey scaffolding. Images and text are sourced from both High and Low culture, and unexpected narratives emerge through abrupt convergences and critical alignments. The generation of these often non-linear narratives are also informed through a complex gestural vocabulary that is indebted to street art and the detritus of late modern gestural abstraction. Huggins’ critique of advertising also extends to the art market, its inherent power structures and governing hierarchies, which are referenced through compositional ruptures and visual anomalies .

Fibre-reactive dye, fabric ink and silkscreen prints on calico, Acrylic on plywood, re-purposed frame

Image © Courtesy of Artist

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