Stephanie Boyle

Stephanie was born in the wheatbelt township of Dudinin in Western Australia. She grew up surrounded by the wide open spaces of the West Australian landscape. The bright blue skies and golden hues of the land formed part of her being and influenced her art practice. My artistic journey started with painting watercolours. I have always been an Artist to explore and try different ways of expressing myself through my Art. As I continue to grow as an Artist I am now painting in a more abstract style using mixed media. I feel I should always be challenging myself to learn and discover so I am moving forward creatively and not stagnating. My aim is to express myself in bold and expressive colours and mark making. My paintings will depict a mood and emotion. Either calm and serene or full of energy and expression. I believe the joy that I find in painting will be evident in my creations.

Chittering Lake

Image © Courtesy of Artist



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