Silvana Ferrario

My inspiration comes from my experiences, memories and surroundings. Working with water for 30 years, also enjoying scuba diving, has inspired much of my work which shows my fascination with water and the world under the sea. My move from the city to a small rural holding in Mundaring gave me greater connection to the earth and nature and I try to reflect my surroundings in my work. Having studied engineering, I am intrigued by the geometry present in both manmade and naturally occurring structures, and its opposition to the fluidity of the natural elements. I love the medium of glass, its constant surprise and versatility. My work makes use of the movement arising from the fluidity of the glass when it is hot. I began fusing glass in 2009 and have attended numerous courses with renowned glass artists. I've had the privilege of winning several awards, most notably the Gordon Award at Glass+, 2017 and 2019 and was a finalist in the 2017 Tom Malone Prize, at the Art Gallery of WA.


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