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Mia Laing


Having pursued a career in children's illustration in the early stages of her artistic practise, professional Perth artist, Mia Laing, presents her new imaginative realism works in this years' Exhibition. Mia's imaginative realism paintings have affiliation with illustration, but are larger, refined oil paintings that include aspects of illustration, narrative art, conceptualism, symbolism, surrealism, and traditional still-life painting. Imaginative realism is a genre that is finding strength in todays competitive and collectable art market. Working almost intuitively, Mia mostly uses her own photographs as the reference for her paintings, adding elements to form a narrative that sparkle with humour and creativity. Mia also enjoys playing with words, idioms and cliches often used to title her works, painting both the literal and figurative.


Image © Courtesy of Artist

oil on canvas

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