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Fleur Schell


Using porcelain and mixed media, Fleur explores themes of childhood innocence, simplicity and the imagined. In 1963, French poet Charles Baudelaire wrote 'Genius, is no more childhood recaptured at will'. Fleur's children, Heidi and Harry, are her muses and her work is a testament to this profound statement as they continue to draw her attention to the small, the unnoticed or the inexplicable. She is incredibly grateful her children have this superpower to see life at its most simple and beautiful. So often, as adults, magic which compels us to be creative passes through unnoticed because it is hidden behind a veil. Fleur's artwork begins as a thought-provoking comment or phrase and then the challenge is to take the words and make them tangible through a marriage of built and found objects.

Human Bower Bird

Image © Courtesy of Artist


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