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Colin Pratt


Colin makes most of his own materials (waxes, supports, cradle frames) which gives him the ability to be flexible with the size and shape of the painting. Collage with encaustic has been his principal style, although recently he has spent considerable time experimenting with shellac and pigments in wax paintings. Crushed ochre, marri and grass trees resins, and ash/charcoal are also featured prominently in many paintings. The 4-second drying time of encaustic wax is a distinct issue when his painting sizes become larger. Most of Colin's paintings are described as abstract realism, showing recognisable themes intermingled with abstraction. Colin's work is on display at Commonage Pottery and Gallery, Dunsborough, where he also conducts workshops for all levels.

Rock Pools

Image © Courtesy of Artist

encaustic wax and shellac

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