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Spider Fossil XL #1 Lime/Magenta

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Susannah Kings-Lynne


Susannah describes her work as a constant exploration of shapes and patterns, playing with lines, and the contrast of positive and negative space. Growing up in Perth, she became very fond of the local flora that grows near her home, and they have become an almost never-ending source of inspiration for her jewellery. After photographing these flowers, Susannah enjoys abstracting them into two dimensional geometric designs, fascinated to discover how the individual elements can evolve throughout the design process. All of Susannah's patternwork is then sawn by hand, a method she considers to be very important to her identity as a maker, and what has now become her favourite part of the making process. She creates her pieces from a range of metals, including sterling silver, copper and titanium. Often coating them in colourful paints that reflect the palette of the wildflowers they resemble. In more recent months, Susannah has introduced a range of mixed media and recycled materials into her work, and tried to combine this with a keener sense of more thoughtful production and minimising waste. The result is a body of work that is still evolving, challenging yet exciting to be involved with

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