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Everything the Light Touches

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Sarah Abbott


Sarah Abbott was born in rural Queensland and from an early age was drawn to creative pursuits. After working in interior design for almost 15 years, it was her move to Fremantle, Western Australia, in 2019 that spawned a career change, and saw Sarah pick up a paintbrush for the first time in many years. The isolation created by uprooting to a new state, coupled with the incredible diversity and abundance of the natural landscape proved to be a strong creative trigger. Painting for Sarah is both a technical dedication to learning and growing as an artist, as well as an opportunity to showcase the things she finds beautiful, and that capture her creative imagination. Light and colour play a big role in her work. Whilst not drawn to any particular palette, Sarah favours the use of strong and vibrant colour, often working with complimentary colour schemes. The interplay of light and shadow are also incredibly important to her. There is no greater joy than seeing the way afternoon light interacts with an object, or the landscape, she finds this incredibly inspiring. Giving an extension of life to a fleeting moment seems a noble way to honour something that otherwise may go largely overlooked or unappreciated. “Technically I enjoy the challenge of creating work that is realistic and representative in fashion, whilst maintaining a coherence of style. The process of painting is joyful and fulfilling, and often meditative at times.” Understanding her subject and all its nuances and intricacies becomes an important part of the process of creation. Overall, Sarah hopes to share with the viewer both the joy she finds in the subjects, and the joy she finds when creating the work, and to share a small part of her experience of this world with others. “Beauty is a central theme in every piece. I see these works as being at home in the home, and my mission is simple: to bring everyday beauty to the everyday home.”

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