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Sea Mist Necklace

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Robin Wells


Robin Wells finds constant inspiration in the unique foliage and flowers of the native plants near her home. Her studio looks out on to the garden, planted with endangered endemic plant species. Robin makes jewellery that reminds the wearer of the importance of connecting with nature and the fragility of our biodiversity. In her practice, Robin makes individual templates to emboss the metal surface of her jewellery, building up a layered pattern, creating the feel of a fossilised plant record. This collection of jewellery is themed "Into the Ocean" and uses seagrass and seaweed motifs paired with found sea glass and pearls, creating alluring and unique jewellery to wear - feel the ocean’s energy! Robin completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Jewellery, Metalsmithing and 3D design from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia, as well as a Diploma in Gemmology.

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