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Untitled 3

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Reegan Jackson


Reegan Jackson was born 1993 in the Norfolk area of England, before moving with his family to Holland, Texas, and finally settling in Australia. He now resides and practices in Kalamunda. After graduating in 2018 from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fine Art, he has participated in numerous exhibitions such as Unfettered - part of Unhallowed Arts SymbioticA; and received a Highly Commended Award in Painting at the Ellenbrook Art Awards in 2018. Reegan produced his first solo exhibition, RAFT, in 2020 as part of his residency with REmida. In his practice he works with the enigmatic to the everyday – “manipulating images, objects and performing systems of process, I am interested in the artefact and the void, the seeming holes in our histories and unpredictable futures, I look to find a place of mystery, a state of betweenness.” Mainly working in methods of sculpture, drawing, photography and painting, he attempts to go beyond traditional processes through material experimentation and technologically altered engagements.

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