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Vermillion Sunset

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Persefone Maietta


Persefone Maietta is a Perth based Western Australian artist whose Greek heritage has always been the prominent source of inspiration for her work. Her works are an ongoing and dynamic reaction to the diasporic movement of Hellenes. Diaspora acting as the physical and cultural disrupter which creates a divergence. Contemplations of a sense of place, or place to call home, belonging, longing, displacement, association and disassociation are all key provocations for the work. As a result, a library of symbols has been created and are a fusion of her own self, memories, dreams and experiences. These symbols are brought together in bold, graphic, static and abstract visual narratives. A still life reflecting our global "still lives" over the the past two years is composed as if it is a dream, a moment captured in crisp hard lines. Where the positive and negative mirroring technique is used, a tension is created between the symbols. A dual cultural reflection emerges as we look at the relationship between symbols which adds to the symbiotic nature of the two worlds, co-existing side by side in perfect balance and clarity. The viewer is invited to engage in a conversation about the statement, Homeland versus Heartland.

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