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Klimt Is My First Love

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Natalie Briney


Margaret River based artist, Natalie Briney, grew up with a love for art, always excited to spend time creating and experimenting with materials and techniques. Natalie has spent many years developing her skill and method which has led to her current style of abstract mixed media works, featuring multiple layers of texture. Early in her art career, Natalie identified strongly with artists such as Gustav Klimt and his love for colour and nudes, but more importantly his 'Golden Phase' which heavily influences Natalie's work today. Natalie's artworks are time and labour-intensive, textured and highly detailed with layers of book and music papers as a base, foundation painting, blocking-in and multiple layers of texture and pointillism (dots) creating her visually and tactilely exquisite, finished pieces. “I love to build texture and will often experiment with different paint applications and mixed media. I begin each piece with tearing up either music sheets or book pages - it gives me time to think about and plan my painting. The painting process for me is entirely immersive, quiet, meditative. There are times when I'm staring at a painting for long periods of time - I'm not asleep! I'm having a conversation with the painting.” Natalie’s artworks can be found on the walls of homes across Australia, Asia and the United States.

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