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Blue Depths

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Narelle Pendlebury


Narelle Pendlebury is an established Western Australian artist with a background in fine arts and art education, and has been exhibiting as a professional artist for over 25 years within WA and interstate. She has held many solo exhibitions and continues to combine her art practice with secondary art teaching. Her work is represented by several galleries in WA, and is held in numerous corporate and private collections throughout Australia and overseas. Narelle has worked with many mediums and has developed a practice which fuses and extends the processes and disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting and textiles, with an emphasis on the interplay of surface, material and texture. An integral part of her work is the concept and activity of layering dyed, printed and painted materials, often transparent and translucent, which are stitched and embellished with embossed shims and printed surfaces. Acrylic and oil media are then subtly layered over these pieces to create highly worked and jewel-like surfaces. Many of Narelle's landscape based abstract works explore the themes of land, sea and sky from multiple perspectives, horizontally and topographically, to reflect the nature of the natural environment and our experience and perceptions of it. Also, through the exploration of the layers of pattern imprinted upon the earth, seabed and ocean surface. In some of these works, navigational maps of the local Western Australian coastline are used as a base to work from. More recent small works representing imagery of the Perth CBD with a focus on the patterning and layering of the architectural and natural environment has allowed an exploration of a very different colour palette reflecting the diffusion of the artificial vibrant lighting within the night urban environment. Again, the subtle transparency and layering encourages the viewer to become immersed in the sense of place evoked within the image.

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