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Are you ready for dinner yet?

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Laura Newbury


Emerging artist Laura Newbury's happy place is the dining room table, reflective in her delightful artworks. She grew up on a vineyard in WA's Great Southern region, and a career in hospitality has since taken her all over the world. Well versed in the joy, passion, love and chaos that can accompany meal times, Laura seeks to capture some of that emotion and energy in her art practice. A print maker who has been honing her craft since she first picked up a lino-cutting tool at high school; Laura's work reflects the various moods of dining encounters and other domestic scenes. She's particularly interested in the things that are left behind after a meal shared: not just the empty bottles and the food stains, but the happy memories and the relationships forged and fortified. Laura's hand-coloured collographs combine a whimsy, understated spirit of hospitality, as well as declaring her penchant for furniture and floor rugs. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Western Australia, Victoria and the ACT. She is based in Albany, and loves to eat.

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