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Image © Courtesy of Artist

Judith Paisley


Judith Paisley is a local ceramic artist, with an unwavering passion for the raw and rustic nature of alternative firings (Naked Raku, Saggar, Smoke and Pit firing). It is a captivating alliance with Mother Nature and the Elements, and whilst serendipitous in nature and on the occasion very unforgiving, it does allow the artist direct involvement throughout most of the process with opportunity to influence the final outcome to some degree. Therein lies the challenge, the essence of Paisley's pieces is encapsulated in the simplicity of the form, leaving the surface to tell the story. She loves simplicity for its integrity – “it is instantaneous, undeniable, dramatic and powerful yet unpretentious”. It is also the ultimate canvas on which to showcase the dramatic permeations derived from alternative firings. One is often reminded however, that you are not in control, but part of the process. Paisley has received numerous awards including: Ceramic Arts Association of WA 2015 - Highly Commended Award (Biennial Selective Exhibitions) 2017 - Kusnik Award for Excellence, 2019 - Judges Award, 2021 - Highly Commended Award

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