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Collection Photo, Ceramics with fabric coiling

Image © Courtesy of Artist

Annie Enslin


Annie and her family immigrated from South Africa eleven years ago. Her artworks talk to her sense of dislocation and her awakening of a growing comfort in this new home called Australia, halfway around the world. For years she painted realism with oil paints until three years ago when she broke free and began a journey into a whole new world, discovering that she could explore her heritage and her memories of home through pattern, mark making and new mediums. Being introduced to new mediums such as ceramics, has enabled her to explore the combination of heritage, old and new roots. Her distinctive patterns reflect her heritage and her past but are resolutely grounded in Australia. Halfway around the world she found the beautiful wild West that is in so many ways familiar. She found similarities to South Africa, and this has inspired her with new ideas and the nostalgia of home. Annie's spent 2 years learning new techniques and mediums when she attended TAFE and finished her Diploma in Visual Art in 2019, and Advanced Diploma in Visual Art in 2020.

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