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Image © Courtesy of Artist

Afsaneh Khoramshahi


Khoramshahi is an Australian-Iranian painter, illustrator, designer and author of children's books. Her art focuses on folk laws and fables from ancient and traditional Iranian poems that belong to a time of more than 500 years ago. In her paintings she aims to bring to life both realistic and imaginary worlds, immersing the audience in a magical and surreal world. In Khoramshahi's most recent project she has tried to portray the worlds of old Persian love poems and communicate what may be lost in translation. Instead of using words, she uses the international language of shapes and colour to present a poetry that can exist across cultures. Believing what is symbolized by gods, and the mythical creatures and spirits portrayed in paintings, can still be found in our life today. Inspired by traditional Iranian mythology, Khoramshahi creates a surreal atmosphere using simple mediums such as pencil and acrylic. Through these works she attempts to consolidate her own experiences.

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